Last Change Titlesort icon Short Description
tool 02/28/07 edoc Generate HTML documentation for a system or library.
tool 02/28/07 EiffelStudio IDE The complete Eiffel development platform for Linux/Unix/Windows/Mac OS X.
tool 02/28/07 EWG EWG (Eiffel Wrapper Generator) is a tool that generates Eiffel wrapper classes for C libraries.
tool 02/05/07 geant Geant is a build tool specifically tailored for the Eiffel programming language.
tool 02/23/09 gelint Gobo Eiffel Lint, or gelint for short.
tool 02/05/07 gelex Gobo Eiffel Lex is a tool for generating Eiffel programs that perform pattern-matching on text.
tool 02/05/07 geyacc Gobo Eiffel Yacc is a general-purpose parser generator that converts a grammar description for an LALR(1) context-free grammar into an Eiffel class equipped with routines to parse that grammar.
tool 02/05/07 gepp Gobo Eiffel Preprocessor is a simple filter program which has been developed in Eiffel using gelex and geyacc.
tool 02/05/07 gexslt Gobo Eiffel XSLT is a command-line processor for the XSLT 2.0 language.
tool 02/05/07 Compile_all A tool to recursively compile all targets in a directory. (Only for EiffelSoftware)
tool 02/28/07 Erl-G Erl-G is the Eiffel Reflection Library Generator. With Erl-G you can make an arbitrary Eiffel system introspectable/reflectable.
tool 03/08/07 Gestalt A collection of tools building upon the Gobo XSLT library
tool 06/04/12 espawn A tool for launching multiple processes synchronously or asynchronously using the same environment configured in tools such as finish_freezing or ec
tool 09/19/07 Valgrind Converter The valgrind converter allows to convert the translated C names in valgrind/callgrind files back to the original Eiffel names.
tool 02/28/07 swete Web application regression testing.
tool 06/03/08 Button Clicker A tool clicks a specified button at intervals.
tool 08/17/10 guide (previously: edp) Gobo Users' Integrated Development Environment -- An Eiffel IDE based on the Gobo libraries.
tool 02/16/09 Eiffel Syntax Updater The Eiffel Syntax Updater let you migrate Eiffel classes to the new ECMA syntax.
tool 07/01/10 BALIGN Multi-functional batch sequence aligner incorporating Needleman-Wunsch, Smith-Waterman and Oommen-Kashyap algorithms along with compound alignment of secondary sequences.
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