blog Eiffel for Visual FoxPro Programmers: Visual Limits

A FoxPro colleague shared a factoid about FoxPro that I had not connected the dots about. In FoxPro most class primitives are visual. Text-boxes, combo-boxes, check-boxes, edit-boxes, buttons, pictures, containers and so on are all manipulated from the visual aspect.

blog My three Eiffelwishes, part 1: enums

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For people that routinely switch between programming languages like me, it's temping to try to get the best of all and mix language features.

blog Moving to a readable/writable model

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Work a long time on your code, and you will have countless opportunities to experiment with software design. Today, I'd like to describe how I moved some classes to a new model for separating queries and commands.

The need for this came to me because of complex assertions.

request Handling of WPF interfaces subtleties

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Objects created for the .NET environment must usually expose feature Equals, an implementation of the interface specified in .NET documentation as follow (warning, C# syntax incoming):


EiffelStudio provides a default implementation if the source code of a .NET Eiffel project doesn't.

For most projects this is fine, however

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