request How compatible is Eiffel's .NET output with the runtime libraries and runtime

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Looking to determine if the output from Eiffel for .NET has been tested with the environment and to what extent?

request Google-ish Suggestive Search on CLASS/feature

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Discovery in Eiffel is already very simple. An additional help would be a search tool that operates like Google, but on Eiffel classes and features.

Now: When I type in a partial class name (e.g. CLASS_* or *CLASS* or *CLASS), I get a drop-down list of class names meeting this criteria.

New: When I type in a partial class name (e.g.

request Help needed with Eiffel program using hashed_dictionary

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I can't seem to get my program to setup the hashed dictionary correctly.

request Handling of WPF interfaces subtleties

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Objects created for the .NET environment must usually expose feature Equals, an implementation of the interface specified in .NET documentation as follow (warning, C# syntax incoming):


EiffelStudio provides a default implementation if the source code of a .NET Eiffel project doesn't.

For most projects this is fine, however

request What about following editor tab creation strategy

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  • leave a few free pixels on the left of the first tab
  • pick and drop to the left of first tab insert at the left
  • pick and drop to the right of the last tab insert at the right
  • always add a new tab at the right (regardless)
  • have a preference to open new tab either at the right of the current tab or at the right of the last tab when creating a new editor from the current editor (i.e.

request Make EiffelStudio a Tool for Adding Target Platforms to EiffelStudio

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While this is likely a huge undertaking and may require architectural changes to the product, the easy addition of unsupported target platforms should exhibit the advantages of Eiffel. And because EiffelStudio has support, at the beta level, for only one platform I need to target.

request Highlight current line in EiffelStudio editor

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The color should be configurable

This feature should be similar to:

request Call append with manifest arrays on some container classes

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Consider this code fragment:


This fails with a compilation error because {LINKED_LIST}.append only takes objects of type SEQUENCE[G], yet an array does not conform to type SEQUENCE. And in fact, I don't see any easy way of getting a manifest array into a SEQUENCE.

request Looking at two sections of a class in same editor

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Eiffel Studio end users would come in handy frequently when one wants to look at another part of the code while editing. In Visual Studio one has the ability to look at two sections of code by dragging a rectangle that appears at the top of the scroll bar.

request Improve the EiffelStudio's wizard with additional options

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What about adding the following option as checkbox to the EiffelStudio's wizard:

[x] Multithreaded capable
[x] Console application
[x] Void-safe system
[ ] Without precompilation

Maybe one can think about other option, but those are the most common settings, I often change after creating a new system with the wizard.

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