blog EDOC has been forked on Github

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EDOC, the excellent Eiffel Documentation Generator from Julian Tschannen has been forked on Github.

You'll find it at

It has been forked from version 1.2, and has been ported to latest version of Gobo (the Github one) thanks to Eric Bezault and Paul G.


Introducing Pyxis, the readable alternative to XML for Eiffel configuration files


Although XML was designed to be a human readable data description language it does not compare well to other data description languages in terms of clarity and readability.

blog The W3C's day of shame

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On November 26th the W3C brought disgrace upon themselves by publishing an eyes-wide-open deliberate lie - the so-called "Fifth Edition" of XML 1.0.

This is actually a new version of XML, masquerading as 1.0. Most other W3C recommendations that refer to XML 1.0 are now automatically non-conforming, including XML Namespaces!

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