blog Time to reimplement Vision2

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I have been using Vision2 a lot over the past 5 years across a number of projects and have become aware of many idiosyncrasies in it's behavior between the GTK and Windows implementation, that make it difficult to have consistent behavior in your application.

blog Fixed sized graphics

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Fixed size graphics

The irony of using fixed size graphics is that they appear as a different size depending on the users screen resolution. What I would like to be able to do is specify in my code the physical size of how graphics will appear.

blog Using the new Cocoa-Eiffel framework

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I am busy working on the Vision2-Cocoa implementation and have some nice additions for better interaction with Objective-C ready, the code is now void-safe and the Cocoa-Eiffel wrapper is much more complete. But more about that some other time. For now I just want to take a short break and present you the "New Cocoa Application Wizard" which I wrote yesterday.

blog First preview of the new EiffelVision2 for the Mac

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It's been around 6 weeks now since I started writing the Cocoa implementation of EiffelVision. Many people told me that they are interested in the port and I'd like to give you a quick update.

blog High Hopes for GTK+ on OSX

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Mac fanatics out there might have heard that there is native implementation of GTK running on MacOSX. There's been a bit of backlash against the port because it doesn't provide a native MacOSX look and feel, but we are assured that they are working on it.


EiffelVision 2 HowTo's

How do I set the size of an EV_PIXMAP?

blog Good Vision(s) are priceless

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Last week visited two of my students who are doing an internship in the Bay Area. On the way up I had a car accident - a tiny stone fell from the side of the road and shattered my car's window to thousands of little splinters. I was driving alone and nothing happened to me besides the shock. Luckily I could exchange the car soon after that - check out the picture below:

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