blog Quick Windows Uninstallations

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This blog entry is only for those Windows user out there. It's concerning tips and tricks for the EiffelStudio Windows Installers.

blog A little help for Mac users

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I've been in hiatus from using EiffelStudio on the Mac for a while because since the upgrade to Leopard, EiffelStudio exhibited some strange behavior related to expose actions. As a result elements of the UI, that are custom drawn, went missing. I was left unable to see set breakpoints and the docked tool tabs.

blog EiffelStudio Completion Tip (2)

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Paul suggested a very nice tip with the wild card completion (new feature of 5.7). I'd like to show that there is an even older feature that is pretty much unknown to many users. It is the routine argument filling facility.

blog EiffelStudio Completion Tip

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Here's a another great (if I do say so myself) tip for EiffelStudio's completion.

blog First EiffelStudio Tip

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One of the good things about blogs is we can let you all know about productivity tips that have been added to the EiffelStudio IDE. There's a few hidden features that you might be glad to know about.

A couple of tool bar buttons in EiffelStudio have dual functionality. You access the additional functionality by right-mouse clicking on the button, instead of left. Here's a few:

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