Using Jenkins with Eiffel

Using Jenkins is a great tool and we are using it at Eiffel Software to perform regression testing. The goal of this article is to show you how to verify that your Eiffel code always compile fine.


  • Jenkins 1.551 or later
  • EiffelStudio or later


First you need to create a new job item in Jenkins.


How to run eweasel in Eiffel Studio Testing Tool GUI

1. Make sure you have installed Eiffel Studio 6.4 or greater.

2. Check out Eiffel SVN trunk repository and Eweasel SVN repository ()


blog Testing tool for EiffelStudio 6.3

The 6.3 release of EiffelStudio will come with a new testing tool combining unit and system level testing. The tool is currently under development but is already capable of managing, creating and executing tests. At this point I would like to give a short overview on what has been implemented, how to tool is used and what functionality will be added in the upcoming weeks.

blog Announce: CDD for EiffelStudio Beta 1

Dear all:

we have just released CDD (short for Contract Driven Development) for EiffelStudio Beta1. CDD brings full unit test support (including IDE integration) to EiffelStudio. It adds support for a novel kind of test cases, so called extracted test cases: when an exception is thrown it automatically creates a new test case which is able to reproduce the observed failure.

blog Using an automatic build and testing system

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A couple of days ago we setup an automatic build and testing system for our development of Origo.

blog Fine tuning assertion checking dynamically

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Hi everybody!

blog EiffelStudio Testing

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As you may have noticed we are bringing significant changes to the software process at Eiffel Software, reflecting the new nature of the development, our commitment to addressing user needs quickly and effectively, and the growing involvement of open-source contributors.

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