blog Finally a Decent Subversion/Git Mac Client!

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I've been searching for a decent graphical SVN client for OSX for a while. In amongst a little cleaning via a rebuild of my applications folder/preferences/system utils, for my new MacBook Pro, I came across a SVN/Git client that is outstanding. It's called Versions.

blog High Hopes for GTK+ on OSX

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Mac fanatics out there might have heard that there is native implementation of GTK running on MacOSX. There's been a bit of backlash against the port because it doesn't provide a native MacOSX look and feel, but we are assured that they are working on it.

blog Good Vision(s) are priceless

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Last week visited two of my students who are doing an internship in the Bay Area. On the way up I had a car accident - a tiny stone fell from the side of the road and shattered my car's window to thousands of little splinters. I was driving alone and nothing happened to me besides the shock. Luckily I could exchange the car soon after that - check out the picture below:

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