blog Farewell to Origo

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On May 31st 2012, the Origo website has ceased its existence. At Eiffel Software, we have migrated the subversion repositories that have a direct impact on us for the development of EiffelStudio. The new URL is .

blog Eiffel goes middleware

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A couple of weeks ago, I started to create a wrapper around the C++ activemq () library, which allows to connect to the activemq message oriented middleware. I had a couple of problems while interfacing between Eiffel and C++, where Manu helped me a lot (big thanks again). But got it working well in the end.




Creating a web application with Goanna

This is a short tutorial for building web applications with Goanna

It covers the following topics

  • Installing all the software you need
  • Getting to know Goanna
  • A short description on how to develop a web application with Goanna

How it all works

Goanna offers many different services and layers of abstraction.

blog Goanna moves to Origo

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In a discussion on the Goanna developers mailing list, Colin and me decided to move Goanna to Origo.

This puts the library on a platform, that I find easier to maintain (no surprises!) and allows us to improve its documentation with the help of the community as it is now wiki-based.

blog Need pseudo-random generator? use mersenne twister

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I just made available a cluster with a pseudo-random generator that wraps the reference C implementation of Mersenne Twister. Feel free to modify and extend as the wrapping is only here for integers.

It is hosted on Origo!

blog Using an automatic build and testing system

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A couple of days ago we setup an automatic build and testing system for our development of Origo.

blog Piece of Cake

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Obviously it took me longer than I had planned for to write the next blog post. There are a couple of reasons for this - the most important one - Origo - was already mentioned by Patrick.

blog Origo alpha launched

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Yesterday the first alpha version of origo has been launched. Origo is a platform for distributed development and user interaction. It is built on a middleware architecture that uses JXTA and is written in Eiffel. This middleware provides an xmlrpc api which is used by a website to access and update data.

blog Of daemons and threads

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As some of you might know, I'm at the moment working on my Master thesis and I'm building the core for Origo.

The last couple of days I spent trying to make my stuff into proper daemons that can run for hours and hours with lots of requests going on. After a couple of difficulties it now looks very promising.

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