Creating a .NET delegate object from an Eiffel routine

Someone recently asked me how to create a .NET delegate from an Eiffel routine. Ideally it would be nice to simply do:

my_delegate := (agent my_routine).to_delegate

where `to_delegate' is a query from the ROUTINE class. However this feature does not yet exist.

blog .NET and Mono (cont.)

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I wanted to give an update on the Mono support. As of version 1.2.5 of Mono (version soon to be released) we can say that Eiffel assemblies will work smoothly with Mono. Our last regression test for the compiler targeting Mono is only failing 20+ tests that the Microsoft .NET runtime is accepting (over 1350+ tests).

blog UTF-8 Unicode in Eiffel for .NET

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We have an Eiffel for .NET dll which is called by a VB.NET application. We need to internationalize this application. "That should be easy", I thought, "because Eiffel's   is basically just a wrapper for the .NET String." So we fed our Eiffel dll some UTF-8 data, which it dutifully manipulated; but the VB.NET client application received garbage. Instead of displaying beautiful Farsi characters, it spat out wingding-dingbat-like droppings. What was wrong?

blog .NET and Mono

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Until very recently, EiffelStudio generated .NET assemblies would not work with Mono. The culprit was the usage of the #- metadata table format (a non-standardized Microsoft .NET extension which allows specification of the metadata out-of-order) that Mono did not support.


Create .NET Properties in Eiffel

.NET properties are a fundamental part of the CLR and CTS. They are used in a plethora of ways by Microsoft, ISVs and your other developers. For a number of users .NET properties are just a syntactical sugar unifying a getter function and setter routine, and opening up access to encapsulated internal fields.

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