Creating a web application with Goanna

This is a short tutorial for building web applications with Goanna

It covers the following topics

  • Installing all the software you need
  • Getting to know Goanna
  • A short description on how to develop a web application with Goanna

How it all works

Goanna offers many different services and layers of abstraction.

blog Goanna moves to Origo

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In a discussion on the Goanna developers mailing list, Colin and me decided to move Goanna to Origo.

This puts the library on a platform, that I find easier to maintain (no surprises!) and allows us to improve its documentation with the help of the community as it is now wiki-based.

blog Using an automatic build and testing system

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A couple of days ago we setup an automatic build and testing system for our development of Origo.

blog Origo alpha launched

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Yesterday the first alpha version of origo has been launched. Origo is a platform for distributed development and user interaction. It is built on a middleware architecture that uses JXTA and is written in Eiffel. This middleware provides an xmlrpc api which is used by a website to access and update data.

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