blog Removing the possibility to ignore an exception at the Eiffel level

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Do you know EXCEPTIONS and the associated ISE_EXCEPTION_MANAGER provides a way to ignore exception (apart the Call on Void target exception, i.e VOID_TARGET), either by code or by exception type.



And the reverse operations `catch'

The def

blog Exception in eiffel.

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I'm studying about exception in eiffel and how to hand it. When have results, i'll post it here. Now, i hope there're some conferences about this title.


The rescue clause does not work

I've tested the system by an example of exception handling in Eiffel  


Attachment in creation features with exceptions

This is a short template of what one can do when dealing with the perfect storm of complication using attached variables. This issue can arise when you need to attempt to release a resource, e.g.

blog Strange stacktrace behavior on .NET

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Stacktrace is printed when C# exception is unhandled. Strangely Eiffel exception can not be printed. I don't know how CLR handle this.

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