blog EiffelStudio 6.0 coming soon

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Last week-end, we did our last intermediate release of the development cycle for EiffelStudio 6.0. The next month will be devoted to testing with a planned release mid-June. While waiting for the release, I'm taking the opportunity to highlight some of the neat features of EiffelStudio 6.0.


  • Tabbed editor
  • Docking facility to organize the layout of EiffelStudio
  • Contextual menus

blog First EiffelStudio Tip

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One of the good things about blogs is we can let you all know about productivity tips that have been added to the EiffelStudio IDE. There's a few hidden features that you might be glad to know about.

A couple of tool bar buttons in EiffelStudio have dual functionality. You access the additional functionality by right-mouse clicking on the button, instead of left. Here's a few:


Eiffel compilation and tuning execution speed


For a beginner the different compilation modes of EiffelStudio can be confusing and I've heard people mention that they don't want to use Eiffel because it's runtime execution is considered too slow. The fact of the matter is, it is not slow! It is only slow when using all or the most aggressive contracts in "workbench" mode, which is by no means the result of an optimized final compilation. Such aggressive checking is sometimes what is needed when developing a new project, and sometime you can throttle back on such aggression. This article explains the various compilation modes and their pros and cons. The results will demonstrate that Eiffel is just as fast as C or C++.


On which platform do you mostly use EiffelStudio?

Windows 32-bit (NT, 2K, XP or Vista)
47% (20 votes)
Windows 64-bit (NT, 2K, XP or Vista)
12% (5 votes)
Linux x86 32-bit
19% (8 votes)
Linux x86 64-bit
7% (3 votes)
Solaris sparc 32-bit
5% (2 votes)
Solaris sparc 64-bit
0% (0 votes)
Solaris x86 32-bit
0% (0 votes)
Solaris x86 64-bit
0% (0 votes)
Mac OS X
9% (4 votes)
SGI Irix 32-bit
0% (0 votes)
SGI Irix 64-bit
0% (0 votes)
FreeBSD x86 32-bit
2% (1 vote)
FreeBSD x86 64-bit
0% (0 votes)
OpenBSD x86 32-bit
0% (0 votes)
Linux sparc 32-bit
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 43

blog .NET and Mono

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Until very recently, EiffelStudio generated .NET assemblies would not work with Mono. The culprit was the usage of the #- metadata table format (a non-standardized Microsoft .NET extension which allows specification of the metadata out-of-order) that Mono did not support.

blog Adapting EiffelStudio to FreeELKS and built_in features

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As of version, EiffelStudio can compile against either EiffelBase or FreeELKS. "FreeELKS is a joint effort between Eiffel Software and Eric Bezault to provide a compiler independent implementation of the ELKS classes. Currently FreeELKS is based on EiffelBase with minor modifications so that it can be compiled by more than one compiler, currently EiffelStudio and gec.

blog Added espawn tool

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After abstracting some of the implementation details of the compiler's finish_freezing back-end and bettering automatic environment configuration, I found it being used in more and more places.

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