blog Porting EiffelStudio to OpenBSD (again)

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Years ago, I made an effort to get EiffelStudio running on OpenBSD 4.8. After I managed to get it working, Manu from Eiffel software was very helpful by integrating OpenBSD as an automatic build target into the Eiffel software build farm. This ensured that new versions of EiffelStudio would always compile on OpenBSD. At least in the 64 bit version.

Unfortunately, what was not done was upgrading OpenBSD itself. While EiffelStudio was still regularly built on (IIRC) 4.8, the development on OpenBSD continued.

blog Funny fact about bootstrapping

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A few weeks ago, we had our 29th ECMA meeting. While we were reviewing the standard, we went over the special characters and their codes (Section 8.32.23). Special characters are %N, %R, %T, %(, .... and they all have a specific meaning.

blog EiffelStudio 14.05 now available!

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We are pleased to announce the availability of EiffelStudio 14.05. It can be downloaded at .

The release notes are available at

The major two highlights of this release are:

  • Eiffel Inspector
  • Automatic Fixing

We are quite excited about the Eiffel Inspector.

blog Inspector Eiffel: code analysis in EiffelStudio

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Inspector Eiffel, a tool for rule-based static program analysis, has been added to EiffelStudio. Inspector Eiffel comprises a framework and a tool for light-weight static code analysis. It helps maintain high code quality. As of now it is capable of detecting more than 35 issues in the source code. More rules are already being developed.


Installing EiffelStudio on Ubuntu

The installation of EiffelStudio on Linux Ubuntu is quite simple. Open a terminal and type the following command lines:


blog New version numbering scheme

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Starting this fall, the EiffelStudio versioning will change from Y.X format (the last version in this scheme will be 7.3) to the YY.MM format.

blog Twenty years of history and counting

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On Tuesday, March 12th, we will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of the first commit on EiffelStudio (formerly known as EiffelBench).

blog 7.3 Update: Completion improvement

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In 7.3 we are introducing an improved completion in the EiffelStudio editor. In addition to being able to see the feature name, feature signature, you will now be able to see the contracts of the routine as you can see in the screenshot below.

New 7.3 completion window

If you have any other suggestions we could do to improve the completion, let us know!

blog Hierarchy changes in EiffelStudio 7.0

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In the 7.0 release, we have changed the hierarchy structure used by EiffelStudio to store either private settings or user settings. In previous revisions, we had the following depending on your platform.

Platform Private Settings

blog EiffelStudio 7.0 released

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We are pleased to announce the availability of EiffelStudio 7.0.

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