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I was thinking that it would be useful to eiffelroom contributors if they could be notified by email any time an article receives a comment so they can make a timely response. ASFAIK this feature is not currently available.

blog Eiffelroom migrated from drupal5 to drupal6

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Hi Eiffelroom users,

You might not have noticed, but eiffelroom.org (or .com) is now running on drupal6 (before it was drupal5). . We tried to do the best migration as possible, however if you notice any regression/bug, please let us know using the contact page.

blog OSCMS 2007

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During building of the eiffelroom site with Drupal I learned quite a lot about this CMS. First, it has a good API and a whole bunch of modules which help you build your site. Second, it does not provide everything I need.

blog Tag search

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You might have noticed the new link Tag search which directs you to a new page where you are asked to enter a query.

Julian and I have implemented a simple tag query language to be able to perform more complex searches over the tags:  

blog A picture says more than thousand words

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And because of that, we can now easily add images to our blog posts and articles. Just upload an image (you must be logged in) and then you can use it via it's name with the standard Mediawiki syntax.

blog Why you should check your database backups

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After three months of development, eiffelroom is finally launched. It had some starting difficutlies as you probably noticed: Shortly after the official launch I happend to delete the database!

blog Tag-It! Tag-It! Tag-It!

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As the EIFFEL_ROOM is a pretty big room and has plenty of space available for all kind of things, a neat way to have some kind of order has to be available. The ultimate goal is to be able to keep total chaos on a reasonable distance without spending to much effort in doing so.

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