blog Let's talk about the encoding library

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Do you know about the "encoding" library?


This provides ways to convert a text from an encoding to another, and in addition, it provides a way to print unicode to the console (which is not supported by default by  ).

Where can I find it ?

  • with EiffelStudio: $ISE_LIBRARY/library/encoding
  • subversion:

blog Object Data Instance Notation - ODIN library

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In the openEHR (EHR = Electronic Health Record) project, we use a serialisation that is called ODIN, an alternative to JSON, XML etc. It was developed before JSON existed, and is more comprehensive (particularly in terms of leaf types). It is also (in my view) easier to read. It's certainly easier to write (in JSON, [] and "" will eventually drive you crazy).

blog Let's talk about runtime/logging library

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This week, I will mention quickly the Eiffel Logging library, it is mainly contributed by "ITPassion Ltd." (), and is now maintained by Eiffel Software.

This library addresses the need to write messages to a log file, or other kind of log supports. But each platforms has its own way to gather these messages (log files, syslog daemon, event log, ...)

The Eiffel Loggin

blog Let's talk about crypto library

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This week, I will mention the crypto library, it is a recent addition in the unstable folder.

But let's quickly describe the 3 main folders for libraries shipped with EiffelStudio

  • library : stable libraries made and maintained by Eiffel Software
  • unstable/library : libraries made and maintained by Eiffel Software, but the interface may change in the future.
  • contrib/library :

blog Let's talk about Eiffel libraries

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Hi Eiffel users,

I know that many Eiffel libraries are quite well known, mostly the ones shipped with Eiffel Studio, which also includes Gobo Eiffel libraries. However, even among those libraries, there are a few that are barely known by the users.

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