request What about following editor tab creation strategy

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  • leave a few free pixels on the left of the first tab
  • pick and drop to the left of first tab insert at the left
  • pick and drop to the right of the last tab insert at the right
  • always add a new tab at the right (regardless)
  • have a preference to open new tab either at the right of the current tab or at the right of the last tab when creating a new editor from the current editor (i.e.

request Looking at two sections of a class in same editor

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Eiffel Studio end users would come in handy frequently when one wants to look at another part of the code while editing. In Visual Studio one has the ability to look at two sections of code by dragging a rectangle that appears at the top of the scroll bar.

blog EiffelEnvision Editor and Eiffel for .NET

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It has been a while since I've created a blog entry, there's actually been a lot going on in my blogging hiatus. From topics concerning EiffelEnvision, Eiffel for .NET, EiffelStudio and open source EiffelStudio projects.


So where to begin?

I guess EiffelEnvision and Eiffel for .NET, what's up and where is it.

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