There are 4 deferred classes defined in ELKS to represent agents


The OPEN_ARGS is tuple to represent the tuple of arguments which need to be provided at call time.

blog Ephemeral classes

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I've recently been toying with the idea of ephemeral classes. An ephemeral class is a class which does not have attributes. The immediate benefits of such classes is that their features can be used for objectless calls, the same way we can access constants or external features.

blog EiffelStudio 6.4: Library update

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For our work on migrating all the Eiffel Software source code to void-safe mode in 6.4, I've updated our Eiffel Syntax Updater tool to update our source code automatically.

blog Exceptions as objects

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A week ago, we started the cycle of intermediate releases of 6.2. They can be found on the EiffelStudio development site at .

One of the new feature of this release is the introduction of the ECMA specification regarding exceptions: exceptions as objects.

blog Correctness conditions (2) for calling an agent

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Following on from correctness_conditions_for_calling_an_agent, I have thought about the following scheme (it would require ECMA to be amended to require a tag on assertions, but this should be done anyway.

blog Mixing Unicode and Latin-1 class texts

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Since ECMA allows class texts to be written as either sequences of CHARACTER_8 of CHARACTER_32 (which although not properly specified yet, we can assume means Latin-1 or Unicode), there arises the question of to what extent the two can be mixed.

blog Correctness conditions for calling an agent

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I was recently reading the paper "From Design Patterns to Reusable Components: The Factory Library by Karine Arnout and Bertrand Meyer" and I noticed that although they had succeeded in turning the pattern "Abstract Factory" into a component, the resulting class (ABSTRACT_FACTORY) did not have a sound contract.

blog A plea for nested classes (sarcastic)

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I was pleased to see that EiffelStudio 6.0 now eliminates the need for an ECF file - all you need to do is supply the name of a root class, and it will compile your program for you.

This opens up some fascinating possibilities.

Thanks to the ECMA committee, we already have nested functions:  

blog Proposed additions to classes INTEGER_GENERAL and CHARACTER_GENERAL

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Following an article by Roger Osmond Auto-Increment_Proposal, I propose the following additions.

To both classes INTEGER_GENERAL and CHARACTER_GENERAL, add features successor and predecessor, both queries returning like Current.

blog Learning from the W3C process

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I have been disappointed in the quality of the ISO standard for Eiffel. In fact I would be ashamed to point to it in order to show-off Eiffel.

For one, it has far too many typographical errors.

For another, some areas appear to be under-specified. For example, Unicode.

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