blog Funny fact about bootstrapping

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A few weeks ago, we had our 29th ECMA meeting. While we were reviewing the standard, we went over the special characters and their codes (Section 8.32.23). Special characters are %N, %R, %T, %(, .... and they all have a specific meaning.

blog Forthcoming language improvements

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The past 6 months we have been working on some new language improvements to simplify and improve the expressiveness of Eiffel.

The first improvement is the conditional expression. Very often, depending on some boolean value you expect either one result or another. Although one can express this, it is sometime tedious and/or not very readable.

blog Farewell to BIT types

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Since the 7.0 release of EiffelStudio, BIT types are almost gone. To be precise they are not completely gone but your code will not compile out of the box if you are still using them.

blog Working on UTF-8 Eiffel parser

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I am so excited that I can really push ISE Eiffel compiler to support full Unicode. 6.6 should be the first version to support it.

The first thing I do is parsing UTF-8 source code.

blog EiffelStudio 6.2 is out

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EiffelStudio 6.2 has just been released. For those who haven't followed the intermediate releases, here is an idea of what is included:

  • Added new contract editor tool to ease edition of contracts on routines and classes.
  • Added Eiffel Information System which let you connect external documentation to your Eiffel code and vice versa.
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