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blog Inspector Eiffel: code analysis in EiffelStudio

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Inspector Eiffel, a tool for rule-based static program analysis, has been added to EiffelStudio. Inspector Eiffel comprises a framework and a tool for light-weight static code analysis. It helps maintain high code quality. As of now it is capable of detecting more than 35 issues in the source code. More rules are already being developed.

blog A case against inline agents

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Context: Programs as documents

An Eiffel program is a complex data structure. It is made out of attributes, local variables, types, classes, instructions, feature calls, assignment attempts and a lot more. These constructs reference each other: attributes are used by features, features contain instructions, instructions use local variables, local variables reference types, types are built from classes, and so forth. When we look at the textual representation (the code text) of an Eiffel program, we identify two major ways that these relations are expressed.


Comment Documentation for Use In Eiffel Development Tools

When getting started with any language it's always good to start on the right foot and do things correctly. It just saves time and frustration later down the line when something needs to be changed. In this tutorial I'll introduce you to the Eiffel comment markup that allows tools, such as EiffelStudio, to extract meaningful segments of information and provide context about them.

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