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Last week, I was wrapping some C++ code for a customer and I was surprised that my code did not work properly. I'm not a C++ programmer and thus this error might have been a typical gotcha but still this was a very surprising behavior.

The code in question was:



Protecting objects

Having looked at code for interfacing Eiffel to C and creating callbacks from C to Eiffel, I frequently found that things were not done properly, resulting in potential memory corruption or crashes.

First, I like to point out the CECIL documentation which contains everything you need to know about interfacing C with Eiffel.

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Per Module C Global Variables

If we write a C header file for a Eiffel application (not for Eiffel runtime), there are C variables in C header file which we use for interactive with Eiffel language. We should take care about the global C variables. They are not application level global variables if they are included several times. Note static C global variables of the same case.



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