blog A First Code Submission

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I just made a first submission of code in a branch of Eagle's svn repository, on origo. It covers a basic graph inheritance hierarchy with an adjacency list implementation of directed graphs. There is no room yet for weighted edges or labeled edges. It also includes preorder and postorder search cursors.

blog Graph Library: The Eagle Has Landed

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I finally decided: the project is called Eagle. The meaning of the letters is not final but initially I thought of Eiffel Algorithmic Graph Library Experiment since, in the context of the project, I'm experimenting model driven development in Eiffel with ESpec.

blog Graph Library: Name Ideas

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Looking for a name, I told myself that looking for differences and originalities could help find qualifiers for the library name since GraphLibrary seems a little naked. I thought that marking especially differences from the EiffelGraph library would help distinguish them.

blog Graph Library: Progress and Name Search

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NOTE: this entry has already been put in a comment about my first one on the subject but I've been pointed out that it's a poor usage of comments. Don't be surprised if it looks familiar to some of you. The next one will be a copy and paste too without this notice.

blog Experimental Graph Library

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I'm currently building an experimental library to deal with graphs. Its main features are:

  • It's general;
  • It provides a flexible adjacency list implementation for both directed and non-directed graphs;
  • The specifications of the classes are precise (they expressed as mathematical models using the EiffelSpec library);
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