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tool guide (previously: edp) browsing, compiling, gui., IDE, Linux, MIT License, Windows
blog entry Happy 70'000 EiffelStudio EiffelStudio, subversion
article Hello World Beginner, Example
blog entry Hierarchy changes in EiffelStudio 7.0 EiffelStudio, precompilation
blog entry High Hopes for GTK+ on OSX Eiffel, GTK, Mac, macosx, OSX, Vision2
poll How do you like to communicate in a community? Mailing Lists
blog entry How does Eiffel's string library fare with Unicode?
poll How many EiffelStudio windows per project do you use on a regular basis?
poll How often does the people in the Eiffel community use mutually recursive routines as their most elegant solution?
poll How should we compute the result of DATE.is_leap_year?
article How to compile examples using EiffelStudio Beginner, compilation, help, Tutorial
article How to compile examples using Gobo Beginner, compilation, help, Tutorial
article How to convert your code to be void-safe? Intermediate, Tutorial, void-safety
article How to get the output of a command using EiffelProcess Beginner, HowTo, process, Tutorial
blog entry How to install GTK from source code on Solaris 10 GTK, Solaris
article How to run eweasel in Eiffel Studio Testing Tool GUI EiffelStudio, eweasel, Intermediate, testing, Tutorial
blog entry How to run sample program in eiffel studio How to run sample program in eiffel studio
article How to save a Jpg file with quality option gdi+, image, Intermediate, quality, saving, Tutorial
article How to use multi-constraint generics to implement reusable numeric algorithms generic, Intermediate, math, multiconstraint, Tutorial
library HTML5 Microdata parser Eiffel Forum License Version 2, html5, hypermedia, mediatype
poll If we were to change in EiffelStudio 6.4 the query `count: INTEGER' to be `count: NATURAL', will that be ok?
poll If you were to choose the next platform on which you will develop using EiffelStudio, what would it be?
blog entry Implementing CQS CQS
blog entry In case you did not know, C++ s.... C, complaint, Eiffel
blog entry In The Beginning God Created Bad Code
blog entry Inheriting comments EiffelStudio, comment, Eiffel
blog entry Inspector Eiffel: code analysis in EiffelStudio EiffelStudio, code quality, Inspector Eiffel, tools
article Installing EiffelStudio on Ubuntu EiffelStudio, Beginner, apt-get, Installation, PPA, Tutorial, ubuntu
article Integrating Eiffel with COM CoClass, COM, Component Object Model, EiffelCOM, IDispatch, Interface, IUnknown, Tutorial, Advanced
blog entry Introducing class ZSTRING String class, strings, STRING_32, Unicode strings