pollHow many EiffelStudio windows per project do you use on a regular basis?

Just one
82% (14 votes)
More than one
18% (3 votes)
Total votes: 17


The main purpose of this poll

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The main purpose of this poll is to find how many users actually create a new EiffelStudio window from the File->New Window menu entry (or toolbar button if configured).

If no one is actually using it, we might want to remove this feature from EiffelStudio.

If you are using more than one window, make sure to say what you use it for.



Eiffel windows per project

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I use the extra windows for mainly one or more extra text editors and one for a the Diagram editor. It is convinient since I have two screens with different resolutions and I can mix them with other programs instead of having one large Eiffel Studio window with all editors within it which I assume would be possible.



Multiple EiffelStudio windows


One of the reasons that I still edit most of my Eiffel source text in CodeCrusader [from NewPlanetSoftware], apart from using windows for non-Eiffel text [C, C++, Makefiles, Java, .geant, etc ...], is that I prefer the pattern matching and substitution facilities available in CodeCrusader.

EiffelStudio windows do have some good Eiffel specific operations [comment / uncomment] and integration with differing views and Eiffel-specific facilities, and I am using EiffelStudio more since discovering that I am less able to crash it (!) than in earlier versions.

I still think that if we in the Eiffel community wish non-Eiffel users to move in our direction, we need to adapt our tools to be usable by others, who continue to use [and will continue to use] 'other languages' [C / C++ / Java / C# / Python / Perl ......] rather than giving the impression that Eiffel users are an island isolated from others.

I agree with Bertrand that Eiffel is not Ivory Tower technology, but others [KDevelop, Eclipse ...] who develop IDEs reach out to a wider audience ...

I will try to make the time to come up with some more specific suggestions, and point out some frustrations with the current code.

Regards and Merry Christmas,


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