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Starting this fall, the EiffelStudio versioning will change from Y.X format (the last version in this scheme will be 7.3) to the YY.MM format. Which means that the version from November 2013 will be 13.11.

This will be updated throughout our tools and the only significant change will be the default location of EiffelStudio which used to be EiffelXY, now it will be Eiffel_YY.MM to make it easier to read.

The added benefit will be that by just looking at the first two components of the full version number we can easily know when it was released. And for those who might not know, the last two components of the full version number put together form the actual subversion revision number of when EiffelStudio was built.

For each major release we create a branch named Eiffel_X.Y (it will now be Eiffel_YY.MM). This is where release specific bug fixes are added if needed. Whenever we do an actual release on our website, we create a tag release also named Eiffel_X.Y/Rn (and now it will be Eiffel_YY.MM/Rn) where `n' stands for the n-th release made for this particular version. The subversion number for the tag release will match exactly the last two components of the full version of EiffelStudio.

For example, if we take the 7.3 release, the current full revision is, thus the subversion revision number is 92766. This was the first release of 7.3, thus you can look at the last commit at the following URL which is indeed 92766 by typing the following command:

svn info 

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