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Has classes representing all the types of numbers from MPIR(GMP), MPFR and MPC. Has a cluster named c_interface which contains classes that directly represent the C code interfaces. Modeled after the Eiffel Software number classes. Each number class has has an XXX_MATH class and an XXX_RANDOM class. The prefixes that replace XXX can be MPZ(integer), MPQ(rational), MPF(real), MPC(complex) and MPFR(real). I built this library using complete void safety. The library files are not included as I don't believe I can distribute them. If you are unable to build them I think I can provide the ones I am using to individuals. I have them built for Win32 and x64 on Windows and you can contact me personally at MPIR(), MPFR() and MPC() are available on the web and the library files can be built from these sources. I believe it would be possible to substitute the GMP library for the MPIR one with a few changes to any class that contains the line "C inline use %"mpir.h%"". You would need to use %"gmp.h%"" instead of %"mpir.h%"" and the MPIR library contains a couple of functions that are not included in GMP. GMP contains a couple of functions that are not in MPIR. MPIR can be built on all the platforms that GMP can be built on.

I have managed to build this on Windows 7 64-bit using MPIR and projects from Brian Gladman for MPFR and MPC that are available at .

Supported Platforms

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