requestMake EiffelStudio a Tool for Adding Target Platforms to EiffelStudio

While this is likely a huge undertaking and may require architectural changes to the product, the easy addition of unsupported target platforms should exhibit the advantages of Eiffel. And because EiffelStudio has support, at the beta level, for only one platform I need to target.

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I'm not sure this is the

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I'm not sure this is the right place to discuss this. But we offer a PorterPackage of EiffelStudio that can be easily deployed on not-yet supported platforms.

Make it easier to add new UNSUPPORTED targets to EiffelStudio

When I made the suggestion I was thinking of a framework that would go beyond what would have been required to add support for the iPhone and iPod Touch because Mac OS support existed beforehand. If there already is a framework for adding cross development target platforms including support for simulators, emulators and debugging it is hard to find on the Eiffel site.

At the moment we only offer

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At the moment we only offer the ability to generate C code that can then be compiled through a C compiler. If that C compiler can perform cross-platform compilation then you can generate the binary for whichever platform the C compiler supports. Otherwise, the C code has to be compiled on the platform of your choice. We do not offer any simulator/emulator for other platforms, mostly because in practice we offer very good cross-platform libraries and testing for one platform is almost identical to testing on many platforms.

Maybe "Making EiffelStudio Extensible" is more on target?

Thank you for the information. My interest in finding a development framework that could support several mobile platforms lead me to making the above suggestion which I hope is clarified below:

Evolve EiffelStudio into a framework that would enable third party developers to more easily add support for new platform targets to EiffelStudio. A first effort could be to turn EiffelVision into a framework for adding unsupported windowing systems to EiffelVision. For those who do not use this aspect of the Eiffel Development Framework, the changes should "just" be in the source and be transparent.

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