requestLooking at two sections of a class in same editor

Eiffel Studio end users would come in handy frequently when one wants to look at another part of the code while editing. In Visual Studio one has the ability to look at two sections of code by dragging a rectangle that appears at the top of the scroll bar.

This request is copied from Eiffel support website:

I'm not sure whether the feature is needed since Eiffel Studio has Feature tool which allow users to looking at ANY class's code while editing a class in editor (but Visual Studio doesn't have it).

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It's handy for navigating too

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In Visual Studio I do drag that little splitter down from time to time, so I guess it would be nice to have it in EiffelStudio.

What I do use all of the time in Visual Studio is Ctrl-Minus to move the cursor back to the last place it came from. For example, while editing C#, if I find I need to add a 'using' clause at the top of the source file for the namespace of a class that I'm about to use, I would type Ctrl+Home to go to the top of the file, then I would type in the required 'using' clause, and then hit Ctrl-Minus a few times to take me back to the point in the source code where I had been editing. I used to do this via the splitter widget, until I realised Ctrl+Minus would be easier.

So these days I rarely use Visual Studio's splitter widget. Its best use is for looking at two sections of code simultaneously, as you said.

Personally, I'd rather have the Ctrl+Minus functionality in EiffelStudio.

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