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Provide, the users, a way to request feature, and let users vote using fivestar rating system.

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for this could be the bug tracker that eiffel software uses. I know in bugzilla it's possible to vote on issues, e.g.

In fact, this request is already implemented in Eiffelroom

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In fact, we added this feature on eiffelroom itself. And this request/entry was to test it. Since today, user are able to add a feature request, and then any user can vote to move up/down a request using a five star voting system.

The Eiffel Software bug tracker could have been a solution for this, but using the eiffelroom's web site would reach more user, and when we are talking about "voting", the more user you get to vote, the better it is.

The current "feature request" system on Eiffelroom in on its first stage, we'll improve it progressively (such as providing a way to "close" a feature request, and so on). It is built using Drupal, voting API, fivestars, and views module.

I hope Eiffel users will post feature requests, and also vote to "order" requests. This way, EiffelStudio's developers will try to implement the most popular first, if it makes sense.


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FYI, SmartBear uses UserVoice:

I can see, is

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I can see, is using an improved "vote up" system. We feeled that fivestar system was more adapted to feature requests voting. What is your feeling on that?

I know this is not good to reinvente something existing (for instance at uservoice), but if later we want to "link" this to the bug tracker in some way, it will be easier that way.

We can always improve our solution later, for now it is very basic, but should answer our and the Eiffel community need.

And now don't hesitate to suggest features

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