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library 02/10/07 EiffelBase Base library of EiffelStudio
library 02/10/07 EiffelVision2 A platform independent GUI library.
library 03/01/07 EiffelMedia A multimedia library which handles 2D and 3D graphics, sound, networking and more.
library 02/28/07 ePOSIX the complete Eiffel to POSIX binding
library 02/05/07 EiffelNet Networking library.
library 02/10/07 EiffelThread Multithreading facilities for Eiffel.
library 03/19/09 ECLI Relational databases access in Eiffel (x/open Call Level Interface, aka ODBC).
library 03/22/07 EPDF Simple PDF document generation in Eiffel.
library 03/22/07 EPOM Eiffel Persistent Object Management - a pragmatic and simple framework.
library 02/28/07 Goanna Web services and components in Eiffel
library 02/28/07 Gobo Eiffel Argument The Gobo Eiffel Argument Library is a library to facilitate parsing of command line arguments for Eiffel applications.
library 02/05/07 Gobo Eiffel Structure The Gobo Eiffel Structure Library is a portable Eiffel class library covering data structures and algorithms.
library 02/05/07 Gobo Eiffel Lexical
library 02/05/07 Gobo Eiffel Parse
library 02/05/07 Gobo Eiffel Pattern
library 02/05/07 Gobo Eiffel Regexp
library 02/05/07 Gobo Eiffel Math The Gobo Eiffel Math Library gives Eiffel programmers access to math functionalities.
library 02/05/07 Gobo Eiffel String The Gobo Eiffel String Library gives Eiffel programmers access to string functionalities.
library 02/05/07 Gobo Eiffel Test
library 02/05/07 Gobo Eiffel Time The Gobo Eiffel Time Library is a portable Eiffel class library covering date and time handling.
library 02/05/07 Gobo Eiffel Tools The Gobo Eiffel Tools Library is an Eiffel class library useful for writing tools that expect Eiffel source code as input.
library 02/05/07 Gobo Eiffel XML The Gobo Eiffel XML Library gives Eiffel programmers access to XML functionalities.
library 03/05/07 EiffelStore Interface to relational databases.
library 03/05/07 EiffelTime Time manipulation
library 03/05/07 WEL Win32 API library
library 03/05/07 EiffelCOM COM encapsulation
library 03/05/07 Eiffel2Java Calling Java from Eiffel
library 03/05/07 EiffelWeb CGI scripting in Eiffel
library 03/05/07 UUID UUID generator
library 03/05/07 EiffelProcess Process launcher with I/O redirection
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