Frequently Asked Questions

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What is eiffelroom?

Eiffelroom is a community website created by Eiffel Software for its users. All Eiffel users are encouraged to share their experiences, knowledge and samples for the benefit of others.

Code snipets and samples should compile with at least one of the latest released versions of EiffelStudio. Please note that contributions may be edited for typos, grammar and in some cases content to ensure that submitted code still compiles.

My library/tool is already listed, but I did not submit it

Everyone can submit information about a library or a tool on eiffelroom, so someone else has probably submitted your library. If you want to take over the info page about your tool, contact us and we can change the ownership of the page to you.

My library/tool is already listed, but I cannot edit it

Only the one who submitted a tool and eiffelroom moderators can edit pages. So if you want to change information about your tool, contact us and we can change ownership of the the page to you.

Information listed is not correct

If you find mistakes on a page - be it tool, library, article or anything else - write a comment on that page. That way people who read the page can see the comments, and eventually the page owner or the eiffelroom moderators will update the information and remove the comments.

How should I tag my content?

The tags are used as a categorization system which is done by the community itself. You can tag however you like. As you are looking for help, here are some good practices:

  • Think about the tag as something for you and the community.
  • Tag in plurals where applicable: "houses" instead of "house"
  • Use lowercase words wherever it makes sense: "houses" instead of "Houses"
  • Feel free to put synonyms and mark them as such.
  • Don't categorize with tags if the system has already categorized the contribution in another way: Don't put the "library" tag to a library as we provide a predefined category for them.

How do I stay informed about what happens on eiffelroom?

Use the available RSS feeds to stay up-to-date.

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