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About Eiffel-Loop

First launched in 2003, Eiffel-Loop is a collection of Eiffel libraries, example programs and development tools consisting of over 435 thousand code words* in more than 1700 classes. It also includes a sophisticated build system written in Python.

New release 1.4.0 on Github

For this release a major effort has been made to make Eiffel-Loop more modular with fewer inter-dependencies between libraries. In particular, most modules no longer depend on the logging module, but only the class EL_MODULE_LIO which is merely an alternative to io output.

Full release notes here:

New website

The Eiffel-Loop website has been completely redesigned to act as a repository browser. You can explore the full source code of Eiffel-Loop at

New Respository Publisher

This release includes a new tool for publishing repositories as HTML. See article: Eiffel-View, the new Eiffel repository publishing tool


  • Code words include keywords, identifier words and quoted strings, but excludes comments and indexing notes.


Which is?

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I suppose the first thing people want to know "What is Eiffel-Loop"? That question is nowhere answered...

About Eiffel-Loop

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Although the domain was first registered in 2003, you are right, and perhaps I shouldn't assume that everyone knows what it is. I have added an "About Eiffel-Loop" at the top.

Sorry, was more thinking

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Sorry, was more thinking about the git intro:

Reading your about, it doesn't address the question why I want to use it. It's a bunch of classes. Most Eiffel libraries are :-)

Github readme

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you mean the, yes, good point. I will do something about that.

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