articleInstalling EiffelStudio on Ubuntu

The installation of EiffelStudio on Linux Ubuntu is quite simple. Open a terminal and type the following command lines:



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EiffelStudio on Fedora 19

I was inspired by this post to create a Docker container with EiffelStudio and a Fedora 19 environment. It's available at for anybody who wants to experiment safely with Eiffel in an RPM-based environment.

That sounds great. Do you

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That sounds great. Do you mean creating a small article called "Installing EiffelStudio on Fedora" that gives the simple instructions on how to do that on this site?

Also we are able to generate RPM packages as well.The RPM and the deb package are using the Unix layout of EiffelStudio which means that there is no need to define ISE_EIFFEL or ISE_PLATFORM to use it. Is your resulting work following this as well?

Thanks, Manu


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This is highly appreciated. Thanks for the effort!

More information would be good...

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[my machine: Dell running Ubuntu 12.04 / Unity]

The install works, at least to an extent. Binaries end up in /usr/bin; the libraries are in /lusr/lib/eiffelstudio-7.3; various tools etc are in /usr/share/eiffelstudio-7.3.

If I do: estudio & I get the following complaint: $ EiffelStudio: the path $ISE_EIFFEL/studio/spec/$ISE_PLATFORM/bin points to a non-existing directory!

I manually reset $ISE_EIFFEL to /usr/lib/eiffelstudio-7.3 since that's where the libraries are. This doesn't help. I can't find any directory path that matches the old style path quoted above in this error message.

Has anyone made this installation actually function?

thanks in advance.

Environment variable

I know you find your solution on the mailing list, but I will answer for the record.

When you are using the PPA installation, you cannot have any ISE environment variable setted. So to run your EiffelStudio, execute the following in a terminal:


If that work, then you have a setted ISE_EIFFEL or ISE_PLATFORM environment variable. You must find where it is set and remove it.

Louis M

Side note for Ubuntu precise

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On Ubuntu precise, to have `add-apt-repository', you need to install "python-software-properties"

sudo apt-get install python-software-properties


Just to let every body know that EiffelStudio 13.11 is now on the PPA. Please note that I did not successfully create a proper update to the EiffelStudio7.3 package. Sorry about that. I still have things to learn about Debian packaging. So if you already have EiffelStudio7.3 installed from the PPA, you should uninstall it before installing the 13.11. To do so, use the following command:


Good day,

Louis M

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